Want to attend Rock The South, but have none of the hassle of leaving the site or having to setup your own gear and tailgate space? Our glamping tent rentals all include the following:

  • One (1) Glamping Tent with all the amenities including:
  • Exclusive access to air-conditioned, flushable restrooms
  • Access to showers private to glamping area
  • Hospitality staff ready to help you with any needs
  • Power in every tent to charge your devices
  • A location that has 24 hour security and fencing
  • Lounge area with comfy furniture, yard games, snacks and morning coffee
  • Each person camping will receive a VIP ticket
  • Parking for one vehicle
  • Community gas grill available for use
  • Each person camping must also have a festival wristband in order to camp

Glamping Bed Tent Rental

Glamping with a bed
  • Your choice of either (1) Queen or (2) twin memory foam mattresses
  • Pillows, duvet and all linens
  • (1) Table
  • (2) Chairs
  • Bath towels
  • Fan
  • Tent Lock
  • Lighting

Glamping Bed Tent Rentals for 2


Glamping Cot Tent Rental

Cot Glamping
  • 4 Cots
  • 4 Sleeping Bags That You Get To Keep!
  • Pillow
  • Bedside table
  • Tent Lock
  • Fan
  • Lighting

Glamping Cot Tent Rentals for 4



What type of bed is in the tent?

1 Queen or 2 Twin XL memory foam mattresses are provided. Requests must be made in advance.

Is the tent waterproof?

Yes, the tent is waterproof.

Is there power in the tent?

Yes, power is supplied for each tent. High voltage items such as hair dryers or computer chargers should not be used.

What is in the lounge?

Comfy furniture, coffee in the morning, light snacks in the afternoon, yard games, and a gas grill are located in the lounge area.

Is there a lock for the tent?

Yes, a combo lock will be provided to secure your tent.

Can my friends visit me at my tent?

Glamping is an exclusive campground with many amenities. Because of this, it is just for Glamping guests. You are welcome to visit any of the other campgrounds with your Glamping wristband!

How many people can stay in my tent?

2 People in the Queen or Twin tents, and 4 in the cot tents.

What items are banned in the tents?

There is no smoking, candles, firearms, or pets allowed in the tents.

When can I check-in?

You are welcome to check-in as soon as the gates open for all campgrounds.

What do I need to provide at check-in?

We will need an ID as well as a credit card at the time of check-in in case there are damages.

Can I smoke in the tent?

There is a no smoking policy in all tents. The fine for smoking inside a tent is $300.00

Are there bathrooms and showers?

Yes, Glamping has exclusive restrooms and showers as a bonus!

Do I need to bring my own blanket?

All linens are provided in the tents.

Is there a fan in my tent?

Yes! A room fan is provided in each tent.